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Navarathri 2018 Special – Easy Quiz – Ramayana pictures to scenes matching quiz

Many of you thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s quiz. Some of you found it tough and wanted an easy one that you can solve along with your kids. Here you go.

Here is the file with the pictures – Navarathri 2018 Ramayana Pictures 

Here are the name of the scenes jumbled.


Navarathri 2018 Special – Ramayana pictures to slokam matching quiz contest

Last year we had Sri Shankara Vijayam in pictures for Navarathri Golu. This year we thought of a quiz contest. We have displayed 20 scenes from Ramayanam along with 20 slokams from Valmiki Ramayana on a wall. Contest is to match the pictures to slokams. Do you also want to try?


ஸமர விஜய கோடீ

ஸ்துதி சதகம் 101வது ஸ்லோகம் பொருளுரை – ஸமர விஜய கோடீ

समरविजयकोटी साधकानन्दधाटी
मृदुगुणपरिपेटी मुख्यकादम्बवाटी ।
मुनिनुतपरिपाटी मोहिताजाण्डकोटी
परमशिववधूटी पातु मां कामकोटी ॥