mooka pancha shathi


mooka pancha shathi is a beautiful stotram with 500 slokams on Kanchi Kamakshi. It has 5 shatakams –

1. aarya shatakam
2. paadaaravinda shatakam
3. stuti shatakam
4. kataksha shatakam and
5. mandasmitha shatakam

This stothram was Sri.Mahaperiyava’s all time favourite. He got it published through kamakoti koshastanam and recommended it to a lot of his devotees for iha para sowbhagyam. Since it is a stotram there is no restriction of time, place, eligibility etc. Anyone can read it anywhere, any time.

Once a poet wrote a new sahasranama on ambaal and sent it to Mahaperiyava through Professor Veezhinathan. That day Mahaperiyava was under mouna vratham. Next time when Veezhinathan mama met MahaPeriyava and wanted feedback on that new sahasranamam, Periyava said, “When there is mooka pancha shati, where is the need to compose another stotram on ambaal?” Such was his devotion and affection for mooka pancha shati.

In a srimukham to mooka pancha shathi book Mahaperiyava has said – This stotram is Ambaal’s own words that entered mooka kavi and has in turn reached us to get us Her grace.” அம்பாள் வாக்கிலிருந்து மூக கவி வாக்கிற்கும் மூக கவி வாக்கிலிருந்து நமக்கும் அனுக்ரஹம் செய்ய வந்திருக்கும் அற்புத ஸ்துதி இது.”

Mahaperiyava has advised those who are looking for a groom / bride to chant the 91st slokam from Arya shatakam, He has recommend 74th slokam from Stuti shatakam for deliverance from poverty, 94th from mandasmitha shatakam for deliverance from health issues and reading the whole stotram 5 times repeatedly to attain gnaanam.

My Sadguru Sri. Govinda Damodara Swamigal read it every single day from his tenth year till his last day at the age of 75 and held it as the most important work for Ambaal devotees. Every time Swamigal read it to me, He said – “Kamakshi and Mahaperiyava are one and the same. If you read this stotram you will get Mahaperiyava’s best blessings in both material and spiritual aspects.”

Have put together the 500 slokams in sanskrit as a large font, book format suitable for paarayanam.

Have also put together the 500 slokams in tamizh as a large font, book format suitable for paarayanam.

You can download, share with friends who may be interested. It will print nicely into A4 size. I have finalized the slokams based on Swamigal’s inputs. (meaning, if there is a paada bedam, what I got here is Swamigal’s paadam)

Have added the audio recording for arya shatakam here

Padaravinda Shatakam audio here

Stuthi Shatakam audio here

Kataksha Shathakam audio here

Mandasmitha SHatakam audio here

Found this nice Tamizh translation of mooka pancha shathi published in 1943 from Internet Archive

For any questions, corrections related to the book, you can send me a mail at

Ganapathy Subramanian


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